Pork Processing

We serve our customers by providing quality, local livestock processing at reasonable rates.  We strive to provide you exactly what you want with package size, cut thickness, curing and more.  All meat is wrapped in traditional butcher paper with a separate plastic lining.  We understand the pride and care you take in raising and feeding your stock.  So we take great care in ensuring that your animal is processed separately and you will get YOUR meat back.

We want our customers to be informed of their choices when ordering their custom cuts.  Below are questions we will ask before processing your livestock.



  • How many pork chops to a package?


  • How thick do you want your pork chops? (5/8″ is standard thickness)


  • How do you want your shoulders cut? (pork steaks, pork roast, or both)


  • How do you want your sausage? (hot, medium, or mild)


  • Do you want the heart or the liver?


  • Do you want your bacon, jowl, and hams cured? (cured meat is an extra .75 cents per pound)

-If yes:

  • How do you want your hams cut? (steaks, roast, or both)


  • How do you want your bacon cut? (medium or thick)


  • How do you want your jowls cut? (medium or thick)


-If you do not want the meat cured we offer fresh cut hams, jowl, and bacon.  These are cut the same as above.